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Welcome at the Veterinary Clinic des Pontets

Pieter J. Ter Kuile is veterinary surgeon in Geneva - Grand-Lancy; he speaks fluent English, Dutch, German and French.

He studied in Bern (Switzerland) from 1979 to 1985 and has a Swiss veterinary diploma.

After a surgical spezialisation he opened his clinic in Geneva - Grand-Lancy . This is a large and modern pet clinic with all the technical equipment for the best and most efficient treatment of your pet.

Our second and important goal is a friendly welcome for you and your pet.


Clinic opening hours

monday tuesday wednesday thirsday friday saterday
morning 08h30-13h00 08h30-13h00 08h30-13h00 08h30-13h00 08h30-13h00 08h30-13h00
evening 14h00-19h00 14h00-19h00 14h00-19h00 closed 14h00-19h00 closed

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