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* [[Accueil|Français]] / [[El veterinario habla español|Espanõl]]
* [[Accueil|Français]] / [[El veterinario habla español|Espanõl]]
* [[Access to the clinic]]
* [[Access to the clinic]]
* [http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=fr&geocode=&q=cabinet+v%C3%A9t%C3%A9rinaire+des+pontets,+21,+chemin+des+pontets,+grand-lancy&sll=46.186486,6.119041&sspn=0.054549,0.110378&g=Chemin+des+Pontets+21,+1212,+Suisse&ie=UTF8&ll=46.184822,6.115265&spn=0.054551,0.110378&z=13 Google Map]
* [http://maps.google.ch/maps/place?cid=15546153921557732043&q=Cabinet+v%C3%A9t%C3%A9rinaire+de+Versoix,+dr+PEREZ-ROMO+Federico,+Rampe+de+la+Gare+6,+Versoix&hl=fr&ved=0CBMQ-gswAA&sa=X&ei=WkY6T6jwM460_AbjwvRM&sig2=552O0kO100XSPSOtLZKs7Q Google Maps]
* [[Nos activités|Our activities]] (pages in french)<br />
* [[Nos activités|Our activities]] (pages in french)<br />

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Welcome at the Veterinary Clinic of Versoix - Geneva


Federico PEREZ-ROMO is veterinary surgeon in Geneva - VERSOIX; he speaks fluent Spanish and french, but also English

He studied in Mexico from 1979 to 1985 and has a spanish and Swiss veterinary diploma.

He opened his clinic in VERSOIX Genève.

We are not far from Bellevue, Chambésy, Grand-Saconnex, Genthod, Cointrin, Meyrin, Les Tuileries, Moilebeau, Mies, Collex, Collex-Bossy, Commugny, Tannay, Chavannes-des-bois, Coppet, Nyon .

This is a modern pet clinic with all the technical equipment for the best and most efficient treatment of your pet.

Our second and important goal is a friendly welcome for you and your pet.


Clinic opening hours

monday tuesday wednesday thirsday friday saterday
morning 08h00-12h00 08h00-12h00 08h00-14h00 08h00-12h00 08h00-12h00 08h00-12h00
Evening 14h00-18h00 14h00-18h00 closed from 14h00 14h00-18h00 14h00-18h00 closed

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